Monday, December 7, 2009

The Season is HERE

Love this time of year. Very busy with everything I have to do. Just got some new stamps From Belles and Whistles and from Magnolia. I am so excited to get started on my Christmas gifts to my friends and family.
Been very busy . Had Thanksgiving at my house, then spent to the night in Chicago on Saturday, then off to Bloomington. for our first on the family Christmas parties

This gingerbread house is real yo get off the elevator on to his floor of the hotel and you are over whelmed with the smell off gingerbread. The children asked if they could eat some.

This is Millennium Park in Chicago. We were going to go Ice skating there but the line was to long. So we told the girl that we are going to New York in Feb. to go Ice staking at Rockefeller Center. and a lot more. or when we go to the city for the night in Jan.

This is the Nutcracker outside the hotel we stayed at. Got to love this time of the season. The city is so lovely.

Last thing we did that night was to go the Marshall Field's window ( I know its Macy's but it will always be Fields windows to me.)
What a Great Weekend

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