Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Fest

It was rain on an off on Sat.but day after getting off work my children still wanted to go to Long Grove Apple Fest. I was surprised they wanted to spend the day in the rain. By the time we left the rain stop. On the way we ran into some trouble, first the
the camera battery was dead and the spare was at home,so we went to Walmart for the pocket camera hope the picture come out. then we missed a turn didn't realize 53 has so many turns. Then we get there, which we have never gone to this fest before and there was a five dollar parking fee. NO CASH ON HAND, good thing one of the lots was a bank and the gentleman let my pay for the spot after i got in. Then not knowing the area very well my GAS LIGHT go ON......but after all that the kids had a great time. we waited an hour to buy our brown bag pie it was well worth it. Now i have to wait five days for my picture and hope they come out, spoiled with the digital camera. next weekend to St. Charles for the scarecrow fest. I will be prepared- battery charged........

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