Monday, September 14, 2009

what a weekend


We had a ball. Even with all the driving, the kids were pretty good. My sister Trish and I took Her daughter Madison, and my two Tori and Justin on a weekend trip to Kentucky ,to the Louisville Zoo and to see the train that Disney has going cross country for the premier of the Christmas Carol Movie ,that comes out in Nov. And the next day to Indianapolis Zoo and the capital building of Indiana. We also so saw the the home of the Louisville Sluggers. At the Louisville Zoo we saw the Sponge Bob 4D ride and did the Sky High trail adventure it went up to 3 stories high. Tori went up once and got scared so she got off and stop for a little bit ,but then she say I am going to succeed at this . And went back up all the way to the top. What a Weekend. talking about another one but going to St.Louis. to new adventures.

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