Monday, September 29, 2008

another great weekend at the millers

Courtney had a great end of the year horse show finals. The show was held up at ledges in Rockton Il. NIHJA Senior medals class is the class that was the most inportant class. you had to be invited to show in this class. by either place first at one of the show during the year of have enough points to get invited. This is Courtney 5th year invited to this event Last year She placed 7th . This year she had a great ride and called was called back in the ring with 4 other girl for the test which is a several jumps and you are told to either trot to the jump or canter and sometime you are told to halt after a certain jump but you are not to the course until you come in the ring and you are told the course twice then all the girl turn there backs to the ring so you can't watch the girl that is jumping the course to make it fair. when Courtney went in the ring for the test she was in fifth place but she finished the event in 3rd it was great. She roded a wonderful round.

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